Who We Are

Agewell is a social enterprise led by older people for the benefit of older people.

Operational since 1997, we are a membership organisation and anyone aged 50 and over can become a member – individuals, professionals and partner organisations all are welcome.

We are experts at consulting and engaging with older people. We also deliver a range of services to help older people stay healthier and independent for longer, and to support and care for isolated and vulnerable individuals.

Far from being a barrier, we believe that older age is an asset. 

Our members have a lifetime of knowledge, skills and life experiences. They are experts by experience and through Agewell enjoy sharing this for the benefit of themselves and others.

We lobby locally, regionally and nationally to shape policies and change attitudes towards older people - and it works.

We are always looking for new members to join us and if you’re involved with the commissioning and design of products, services and initiatives for older people, we can help you consult and engage with your target audience to hear what they have to say.