Volunteers of all ages are welcome

29-year-old Sian is one of our younger volunteers who has become an important member of our team.

When Sian moved to Old Hill last year, she was keen to find a way to meet new people and get involved in her new community.

“I walked past the Agewell shop on the High Street and called in to see if they needed any help,” she explains. “I began volunteering there on Thursdays and enjoyed it so much that I went in every day after a while.

“When the shop closed, I started helping at Agewell’s new shop at Sandwell Hospital. I serve in the shop in the morning and go out to the wards on the trolley run in the afternoon. I also help out at the Agewell office on a Tuesday, doing admin work.

“I used to live in an attic flat in Moseley and suffered from agoraphobia. I hardly ever went out. When I moved house, I was determined not to get like that again. I’ve been mugged in the past and bullied. It left me with no self-confidence and I began to think that everyone was like that.

“Volunteering for Agewell has made me realise that people can be kind. The Agewell staff and volunteers are lovely and it’s good fun helping out. I get to meet different people and I’ve got more confidence now. I’m hoping to get more experience so that I can get a job and really start living again.”

If you have any time to spare, and are interested in finding out about the volunteering opportunities available at Agewell, please call 0121 796 9333 or click here to view our volunteering page.