The exercise group is a winner all round

69-year-old Stan, who has multiple sclerosis, self-referred to the weekly Great Barr exercise group run by Agewell after his friend told him all about it.

Stan has been struggling with his balance since undergoing heart surgery. Attending the weekly exercise group has made a difference to his balance and confidence as well as helping to prevent him feeling lonely.

Pictured here with Agewell Postural Stability Instructor Alison Pickering, he says: “I am quite a confident sort of person in general, but what was really restricting me was a problem with my balance. When I came to move, I was sometimes finding myself lurching forwards which was very disconcerting and was certainly affecting my confidence.

“The exercises which Alison shows us are not particularly difficult to do, but they are good for keeping your limbs mobile. As well as going along to the group each week, I do the exercises at home as a matter of course now. Going to the group gives me an excuse to get out of the house and meet people socially.

“The group keeps me moving and it gives me people to talk to, so it’s a winner all round.”

Personal Outcomes for Stan:

  • A 56% increase in general health and wellbeing
  • A 6% increase in mental health and wellbeing
  • An 18% increase in mobility
  • A 26% increase in confidence and balance