Portway Poem

Chris Nugent, a regular at Agewell's Thursday morning exercise class at Portway Lifestyle Centre has put pen to paper and written this delightful poem.

Agewell class at Portway, is the place to be,

If you want to exercise for a reasonable fee.

Alison is the leader, she gets us into line,

The music is lively and that suits me just fine.


We start the class by marching, then we walk around the room,

We must warm up gently and keep in time with the tune.

We go on to do some stretches, to get us wide awake,

We haven’t practised much this week, that is a big mistake!


Alison and team, are encouraging and kind,

Although I must admit the sit to stands are a bit of a bind.

We go around the circuit, I like the steps the best.

Step up, step down, keep going, our balance is put to the test.


Next is the press ups, we do these against the wall,

This is good for your posture and helps us get up if we fall.

The sit to stands are next in line – oh how I need a glass of wine,

Its change again and off we go, I really ache from head to toe.


It’s all sit to stand again I fear,

But this time it’s a challenge – oh dear!

Sit to stand with extra weight,

I shall have a fit with this work rate!


It’s time for us to leave now,

We put our chairs away,

Alison and the team have done us proud,

Three cheers – hip, hip horray!