Our Structure

Agewell is an organisation for older people, with older people at its heart.

Our governance structure provides a number of opportunities for individual members to get involved at a higher level and to ensure that members’ voices are heard and acted upon.

At a local level we organise monthly Local Forums which are open to all members and free to attend. Here members are encouraged to raise issues which are affecting them or their community, as well as have their say on items we raise which may affect older people locally, regionally and nationally.

The Chair and Vice Chair of each Local Forum (as well as the Agewell Chair) make up the Agewell Advisory Committee. Here the issues coming out of the Forums are discussed and what action to take next is agreed.

In addition, two members from this committee are elected (along with the Agewell Chair) to sit on the Agewell Executive Board, alongside the Agewell CEO and Directors and three non-executive independent members.