Keep Moving with Agewell

New leaflet now available, featuring 14 gentle exercises for you to do at home, mobilising your joints, strengthening your muscles and improving your balance.

Getting older doesn’t mean that we should exercise less. In fact as we age it’s more important than ever to keep moving. Muscles become weaker with inactivity. You may have noticed this during lockdown, or following an operation, an illness or a fall. Loss of muscle tone impacts on your posture, balnce and confidence.

The good news is Agewell is here to help you keep moving.

Throughout lockdown we’ve been posting gentle exercise videos onto our Facebook page Keep Moving with Agewell as well as over Zoom. This leaflet has been designed to be used in conjunction with the online sessions. Many of the exercises featured online are included, most of which are illustrated sitting down but can be done standing up if you feel able.

“We know from experience that everyone, no matter what their age, or health condition, can improve their strength, balance and mobility - and their general mood - with regular gentle exercise,” explains Postural Stability Instructor Alison Pickering. “Our online sessions have been a lifeline for older people during lockdown and we are hoping this leaflet will encourage others to start exercising and reap the benefits too.”

Alison suggests you ask a family member or carer to do the exercises with you to begin with, so you can get some feedback on your posture and have some fun together too. And she stresses how important it is to take things slowly.

“It’s much more important to focus on completing each exercise correctly, always starting with the correct postural alignment, building up the number of repetitions slowly as the days and weeks progress, to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your joints and muscles.”

If you’d like a copy of our leaflet for yourself or a family member or friend, please give Agewell a call on 0121 796 9333 or email