Helping me to keep active

91–year-old Beryl finds getting out and about quite difficult. She is visually impaired and has suffered a number of falls which have severely knocked her confidence.

She was determined not to sit at home all day but needed some help to become steadier on her feet and to reduce her fear of falling again.

Beryl referred herself to Agewell’s exercise group at Braeburn House Sheltered Housing Scheme on the Yew Tree Estate. She says: “I have found definite benefits from going to the weekly exercise classes, especially with walking. It is quite hard for me as I have peripheral vision so I have to keep looking down all the time. The classes have taught me how to walk better and how to improve my balance, so I am less worried about falling over.”

Since Beryl started going to the exercise group, her balance has improved by 6%.

She says: “I am really determined to keep moving as I look at some people who live here who can’t get out, and they put on weight which then affects their joints. I have learnt how to move around more safely and I can now get up off the floor to a standing position using just one hand. I also feel less nervous about walking outside because I know my balance is better. Agewell is definitely helping me to keep active.”

Personal Outcomes for Beryl:

  • A 6% increase in confidence and balance
  • Maintained independent living
  • Reduced risk of injury due to falling
  • Improved muscle strength, balance and mobility