Back on his feet

A nasty fall at home in Hill Top, West Bromwich, knocked 72-year-old Jinder's confidence. He was getting out of the bath when he slipped and fell.

“I don’t know how it happened, I just went blank,” he says.  “The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor and I had to shout for help.  Luckily my son heard me and he rang the doctor who advised that I should go to A & E.

“The doctors said the fall was due to dehydration.  Thankfully I hadn’t hurt myself but the whole experience really shook me up.”

Shortly afterwards, Jinder was contacted by a physiotherapist who told him about Agewell’s Falls Prevention programme at Rowley Regis Hospital.

He says: “I was really impressed with the group.  They taught us special exercises and I felt a big improvement in my balance and mobility.

“They really looked after us and it was a very positive thing to be involved with all round.”

Jinder is pleased that since attending the Falls Prevention group he hasn’t had another fall.

He says: “I practice my exercises at home and try to do a bit of walking to keep myself mobile and also to get some fresh air.  The Falls Prevention group gave me more confidence to get out and about.”